10 Upcoming Video Games To Look Out For In April 2017

9. Shovel Knight: Specter Of Torment


What is it: Following it's madly successful Kickstarter campaign, the retro indie darling Shovel Knight promised three new DLC campaigns. The second expansion Specter of Torment hits this month, and the word "impressive" doesn't do it justice.

Specter of Torment switches the protagonist up from the titular hero Shovel Knight to the gloomy boss villain, Specter Knight, and acts as a standalone prequel to the 2014 campaign by detailing the creation of the Knights of No Quarter, along with telling Specter Knight's own story of his death and resurrection at the hands of The Enchantress.

Without spoiling any details, Specter of Torment unravels into a surprisingly somber and well-written tale.

Where Specter of Torment impresses, is the level of detail put into a free expansion - Yacht Club Games have not only totally revamped how the game plays, but entirely redesigned many of the bosses and worlds from the Shovel Knight campaign. It's almost like a whole new game all on its own.

When's it coming out: Specter of Torment sees a full release on PS4/XBO/PC/3DS/Wii U/Vita throughout staggered April dates. Switch owners can already play it.

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