10 Upcoming Video Games We Know Almost NOTHING About

10. Avengers Project

Square Enix

With Endgame coming out in April, what better timing than now, to show us the Avengers Project?

Originally announced back in 2017, The Avengers Project was supposed to have a full reveal during 2018, but was completely missing in action.

Rumours indicated that it would be a quasi-remake of Marvel Ultimate Alliance, but with a third game announced in the series on Switch, that now seems unlikely.

That means that beside a CG trailer and the fact that Crystal Dynamics is developing it, we now know absolutely nothing about what the game really contains. The trailer we were shown wasn't exactly revealing either, showing various bits of Avengers equipment in states of disrepair.

With the success of Spider-Man, we could genuinely see The Avengers Project kicking off another age of super-hero video-games. As long as Square and Crystal are given a fair amount of freedom with the game, it could really blow us away.

Now... just show the damn thing.


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