10 Video Game Easter Eggs That Will Blow Your Mind

9. You Have Chosen Poorly


Jetski racers are a pretty niche genre of game, especially on the less played that it should be Nintendo Gamecube. Wave Race: Blue Storm is one such title. For year and years, it was berated as overly difficult, with poor graphics and twitchy controls. That is until in 2010, when the game entered the annuls of easter egg greatness. A NEOGAF forumite by the name "Raoul Duke" uncovered a secret that had never been discovered before. Upon entering a super obsecure code in the audio options menu, the regular pit-crew guy who comments on your race, is replaced by a sarcastic S.O.B who talks smack about every single thing you do. Also, the turbo becomes a little girl€™s voice saying €œmeow meow." Why? Video games, that's why.
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