10 Video Game Hoaxes That Completely Fooled Everyone

Final Fantasy VII’s 2005 ‘remake’ remains The Worst Thing Ever.

Stuart W. Bedford


The gaming industry perhaps more than any other is completely vulnerable to speculation. If even a nugget of information drops on an upcoming or even a current release, then the online game journalists, the circling cultural vultures that we are, swoop in to propagate whatever that nugget may be in an attempt to stay current.

The problem is, speculation of course leads to exaggeration and that in itself can often birth the pinnacle of gaming mistruth: the hoax.

Of course, hoaxes are started in all manner of ways, they’re not just birthed by speculation. Sometimes, the seed is planted by a mischievous, attention-seeking gamer or even a tongue-in-cheek gaming publication, simply for their own amusement (more on that later).

I write this article from the perspective of someone who actually enjoys a good gaming hoax, provided of course that I haven’t been the one to fall for it and as a result spent innumerable wasted hours in pursuit of something that isn’t really there. Often elaborate, often based on nuggets of truth and sometimes even propagated by wishful thinking on our part, a good hoax can bring the gaming community together, can create discussion and blind belief the likes of which is usually reserved for the urban legend.

This article celebrates those hoaxes, the ones that we could help but believe, couldn’t help wanting to believe. So, without further chatter, let’s jump directly in.