10 Video Game Openings Designed To Make You Quit

No game should demand twenty-hours of work before it becomes good.


The beginning of any game is supposed to seduce you into wanting to play more - sometimes at the expense of, well, literally everything else.

Discovering the underwater city of Rapture, climbing up a train that is dangling off the edge of a cliff and poking out the eyes of a god are prime examples of video games wowing us from the very beginning. They entice us bloodthirsty escapists with horror, action and gore shrouded in mystery, suspense and cinematic direction.


However, while these types of openings make us feel comfortable with our £40 investment, the boring, confusing and simply unpleasant introductions found in some games just fill you with regret. Immediately.

They challenge your resolve as if to see how much you're willing to tolerate before giving up and giving into a trade-in or friendly swap.

If a game fails in making you want to play more or to see what will happen next, then you have every right to give it away. Life is short, time is fleeting, and when there are a plethora of other titles available, some openings are so bad they genuinely feel designed to make you tap out.

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