10 Video Games That Kill You In The First 10 Seconds

You'd better think fast if you want to survive these opening stages.


Many games are kind to their players, often starting off with simple tutorial sequences or very easy opening levels to hold our hands and introduce us to the game mechanics, giving us a little time to grow accustomed to how the game works rather than just throwing us in at the deep end and hoping for the best.

Other games, especially older titles, don't tend to bother with all of that. These games drop you right into the action and just let you get on with it, throwing fatal traps, bottomless pits and unexpected deaths at the player right from the off. You'll have to think fast and act faster in these games if you want to survive just the first few moments!

There are countless games that let you die within their opening scenes, but here are ten of the most memorable examples. When playing through these titles for the very first time, many players fell victim to their early tricks and traps and saw themselves greeted with a Game Over message way earlier than expected.


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