10 Video Games That Literally Put You Through Hell

Please enjoy your stay in Hell, you will not be coming back.

Madmind Studios

Over the course of time, video games have taken us to lands far and wide. Through areas of the world they would otherwise never be able to see, or times future and past, as well as realms other than our own.

That's not to say that all these places are ideal, as many games taken players to places they would much rather avoid - like the sandy beaches of Normandy in 1944, or the foggy streets of Silent Hill, to name just a few.

Another of these places is Hell: an area most of humanity would certainly never like to spend their time. However, thanks to video games, we can now enjoy the endless suffering and eternal damnation trapped behind its gates.

With multiple religions and multiple sources, the depictions of Hell seen in video games can vary greatly. There's the fiery depths filled with suffering run by Satan, the frozen Helheim of Norse mythology, as well as the Underworld ruled by the Greek god, Hades. No matter the interpretation, there's no denying it's not a place you'll be booking a vacation any time soon.

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