10 Video Games That Literally Put You Through Hell

9. Agony

Agony game
Madmind Studio

Agony got its life on Kickstarter a couple years back, and has since been highly anticipated by those who love the profound. It was promised to be one of most terrifying depictions of Hell gamers had ever seen, and it's not far off base.

At first, the brutality and obscenities present in Agony had earned it an Adult Only rating, which of course is a no-no in the gaming industry. This in turn lead the game to be censored in some aspects in order to gain that Mature rating that would allow it to see a wider release. Here's just a few things that were cut from the game: Killing babies, some jiggly butt physics and a first-person rape scene where you assault a succubus. Yeah, you read that correctly.

Fear not however, because even the "toned down" Agony features fruit with female genitalia, nudity, sex scenes, nudity, a lot of gore, nudity, brutal violence, nudity and, oh, more nudity?

If you want to take the most extreme path through Hell a video game has to offer, look no further than Agony. Never before has a game made you feel the need to take a shower more than this.

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