10 Video Games That Must Be Played On The Hardest Difficulty

Sometimes, it’s best to do things the hard way.

Naughty Dog

Although there are many different types of video games, the fundamental reason of why never changes: we want to break away from the cruel reality of the world by losing ourselves in a virtual reality of escapist fun.

Yet, while effortlessly gunning down enemies or virtually dating men and women may be fun for some, the success of games like Bloodborne, Dark Souls and Super Meat Boy show that there are a host of players who get high off of cruel and sadistic punishment.

These are “hardcore” gamers - the people you’ll often see on forums complaining about how new releases "are becoming too easy". But you know what?

Sometimes they’re right.

Regardless of if the intent is to prevent combat from being too simple by having the redshirts actually fight back (rather than accept their fate as cannon fodder), or to prove your skill as a gamer by conquering a punishing bonus mode of insanity, there are many games that demand being played on hardest difficulty, ensuring you get the best experience possible.


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