10 Video Games That Should Have Ended Differently

Some good, some bad - none were what we wanted.

Video Game Endings

Considering the IMMENSE amount of time the average game takes to complete (ranging from 6-30 hours across the board, with some RPGs stretching into the hundreds), you want to make damn sure those closing moments are some of the best on offer.

From a Legend of Zelda-esque ramp up in item acquisition, building towards letting one history-changing arrow loose at the perfect moment, to going toe to toe with the villain of the day - a game's final moments should always be some of their finest. After all, any credit-preceding sequence of events is the very last thing a player will see. It's usually the end of their time with any product, and this could be a catalyst that sends them off into the world, spreading recommendations in all directions.

All that said though, how many times has a game drawn to a close... and messed it up? Maybe not completely falling down, but not wrapping everything up quite as perfectly as you were expecting, either?

With so much time and effort invested in mechanics and general feel beforehand, what happens when any game's ending starts getting talked about for all the wrong reasons?

Gaming Editor
Gaming Editor

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