10 Ways Destiny 2 Is Already Better Than The Original

Let's call this right now.

Destiny 2

Destiny has become a monster of a franchise, with a surrounding fanbase that's one of the most passionate out there, putting in an immense amount of time both playing the game and discussing it on forums. There's no denying the game had a rough launch and start overall, mostly because it was uncharted territory for Bungie. They had simply bitten off more than they could chew.

Time has passed, however, and things nowadays are very different indeed.

Going into the sequel, a lot has changed - while a lot has also stayed virtually the same. Destiny 2 will look and feel like the original, but with changes coming where they're most needed. It's this sense of familiarity, as well as the lessons learned from past mistakes, that should take Destiny 2 to places its predecessor could never reach.

Granted, we're months away from release, but the fanbase Bungie built are already salivating for any new information. Forums are exploding with rumors, theories and more, and for good reason - it's clear Destiny 2 is a product of past mistakes being rectified up front.

With Destiny not really finding its feet until years after release, Destiny 2 can take all those triumphs and mould them into a bigger and better experience at every turn. Destiny was a great game, but months before its release, Destiny 2 is already showing why it will be better.


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