We all enjoy playing games, whether it’s so that we can blow up helicopters and cars, save the universe from an alien invasion or just sit down and direct armies to unify feudal Japan. We don’t just enjoy playing these games because they’re fun, though, but because they’re a way to escape reality. You see we can’t actually pick up an RPG and take out 20 ultra-nationalist helicopters in real life, so why not escape to a video game world where we can do this without any consequences?

That being said, we still have games out there that mimic real life, whether it’s because we’re constructing a house for The Smiths in the leafy suburbs Hul–Simtopolis, or because we’re flying a passenger jet from New York to London. In this article I’ll be exploring some of the ways video game worlds are just completely and utterly different from real life. So without without ado…


10. Cars Don’t Just Blow Up


In games like Call of Duty and GTA, it doesn’t matter if someone’s hiding behind a car or is driving a truck straight at you. Just unload your clip onto the car and within seconds it will burst into flames before blowing up. Now I’m not saying cars don’t blow up, they do occasionally do it however they need a lot more prompting than a few shots from your handgun.

It’s not just games however that do this, even movies tend to ignore the norm and blow cars up if so much as another cars touches them. I’m not saying it’s not fun, it’s great fun and this is why it’s implemented in games. I don’t want to see half the Russian army hiding behind a truck and not be able to take them out with one clip, nor do I want to jump out of a burning car and watch it smash into oncoming traffic and sit there rather contently.

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This article was first posted on February 5, 2013