10 Ways Your Favourite Video Games Were Almost Radically Different

Grand Theft... Auto? You mean 'Race n' Chase', right?


Video game development isn't easy. With the pressure on to create something distinct that stands out against the competition while at the same time keeping up with the features and mechanics that are making other games successful, studios have to constantly chop and change upcoming products right up until their due dates.

Not only that, but when you have hundreds of people working on the same product for years at a time all with different visions, there are always going to be creative ideas being optioned that could completely change the focus of development.

But while these differences are usually small and a natural result of production, sometimes a title can change massively from its first unveiling to being put in your console.

Whether it was the result of internal problems with a game's production or just last minute 'eureka!' moments that saved titles in the final few months before retail, some of the industry's most beloved games underwent radical changes before release.

With these changes available for anyone to analyse, players have been left to wonder what the world of gaming would look like if the original incarnations of these titles ever saw the light of day.


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