10 Worst Bosses In Great Fighting Games

1. Azazel (Tekken 6)

Azazel Ah, this bastard. Quite possibly the worst character ever to have to been placed at the end of a fighting game. This monster fills up an entire half of the screen and, despite his size, is very difficult to land hits on as he has auto-block properties. That means while he's standing there he's blocking, but this also includes being able to block most attacks while he himself is attacking. Also, due to his size has insanely long reach. Several of his attacks cause block stun, allowing him to land free hits. Has projectiles in a virtually projectile-less fighting game that come from the air and from the ground that will juggle you helplessly in the air and bouncing around. Understanding the game mechanics mean almost nothing when it comes to fighting Azazel particularly when he has his advantage in defense, his moves are fairly difficult to sidestep, and can counter-attack through his own blocking. Really, he is one of the biggest reasons as to why playing Tekken on a home console is better than playing it on a coin-op machine.
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