10 Worst Mass-Market Video Game Controllers Of All Time

10. The Kinect (2010)

Kinect 360

Right from the get-go, we knew the Kinect just wasn't going to work. Early trailers showed forever-grinning families doing their best 'mass market wholesome fun!' faces, resulting in demonstrations of technical proficiency that even Microsoft must've known were bald-faced lies.

Come launch, the Kinect barely worked, failing to register even the most animated individuals and completely dropping the ball when it came to realising the 'vision' of a controller-less world.

Even worse, it would draw more heat from not being able to recognise any darker skin tones, meaning that depending on your ethnicity alone, the hardware might not even activate.

Somehow, Microsoft took all of this feedback and... built an entire console around it, resulting in the initially cack-handed Xbox One having one of the most embarrassing reveals and launch cycles of all time.

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