10 Worst Video Game ”Limited Editions”

What Culture runs down the ten worst limited/special/collectors editions that gamers have wasted their money on…

Amarpal Biring


After reading about the upcoming Resident Evil 6 £800 Premium edition where you get a replica of Leon S. Kennedy’s leather jacket, it got me thinking about all the special/collectors/limited editions I’ve purchased over the years.

Almost all major releases now come with some sort of ”limited edition.” In some you get a statute of the in-game hero, in others, extra multiplayer weapons or DLC. For these extras, you can pay anywhere from £20 to hundreds above the standard edition price.

Even though there are a few examples of ”limited editions” going back to the days of the ZX Spectrum, it’s really in the last few years that publishers have started issuing them with a degree of regularity. If you can afford it, the limited edition copy will look great in your collection but are they worth the money? 

I have bought my fair share of limited edition games and after the initial excitement of opening the box has worn off, they are all collecting dust on top of the cupboard. Some editions have been better than others but one thing is guaranteed, none have held their value. Before you have even completed the game, the hype surrounding the game has evaporated and the limited edition you paid a premium price for can be found on eBay and reduced in some cases by as much as 50%.

You have to ask, is it worth buying the limited edition on the first day if you know that by waiting two weeks, you can pick it up at a substantially reduced price?  And exactly how ”Limited” is the limited edition?

Like I said, I used to choose to buy the limited edition copy of a game if it was available but after purchasing the ‘Batman Arkham Asylum Collectors Edition,’ I realized that I have wasted a colossal amount of money on something that is really not worth it.

Another prime example is the Mass Effect 3 N7 Limited Edition. Many people were distraught that their preorders were lost when Game was on the brink of going under and were happy to pay whatever the price to get their hands on the N7 edition. You can now go on eBay and buy one for as low as £35.00 if you are lucky.

What Culture runs down the ten worst limited/special/collectors editions that gamers have wasted their money on…


10. Skyrim Collectors Edition £129.99. Price now £50 – £75

Apart from the standard copy, this was the only other edition of Skyrim released by Bethesda.  It came with the usual making of DVD and art book but it was the statue of Alduin The Dragon that was its primary selling point. Almost 30cm tall, it was an exquisitely detailed statue, modeled from the in-game 3D digital files.  Where the statue itself felt like a high quality product, it was unfortunate that it sat on a tacky plastic base. And unless you are a collector of fantasy dragon ornaments, you have to ask yourself, is it worth the £90 premium? The correct answer is no!

The game came out November 2011 and you can already pick up a complete collectors edition for as low as £50 on eBay, less than half it’s original price.