10 Worst Video Games Of 2017

With such a high bar of quality, those who miss it are more noticeable than ever.

LawBreakers game
Boss Key Productions

With such a stellar array of titles propping up and exemplifying why 2017 is the best year in gaming this decade, it's only natural there'd be just as much forgettable nonsense alongside.

Many big-budget experiments sadly fell flat on their face, as with the industry being bigger than ever, pretty much every decision involving hefty amounts of cash going from place to place is also one hell of a risk. Publishers need to know what an audience are "guaranteed" to buy into, and with the internet providing more data than ever to shape all manner of projects before launch, the results can still - somehow - be spectacularly naff.

With the proliferation of digital storefronts comes the ability to stuff them full of unwanted, barely functioning toss - just look at the majority of what's on the Switch - contributing to a year that, thankfully, has enough stellar releases to not get too affected.

From new consoles and hardware innovations and landmark sequels and revivals alongside, yes, 2017 will be remembered in a positive light forevermore, but there were some almighty clangers alongside.

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