11 Cancelled Superhero Games That Would Have Been Amazing

R.I.P to the Spider-Man and Wolverine team-up that could have made millions.


Unlike today where superhero games are pretty rare, in previous generations, developers and publishers used to churn them out every other week.

Now, not all were great - or even good, in some cases - with a lot of effort from Activision in particular lining the bottom of bargain bins across the world, but this period did see the release of some genuinely incredible comic-book games and great superhero capers that went on to define the entire sub-genre.

With such an influx of comic book titles hitting shelves though, there were just as many promising video game adaptations in the pipeline which were cancelled before they had a chance to prove themselves.

Whether they were canned because publishers couldn't understand a hot idea when it was right in front of them, or the developers didn't have the financial ability to take that final step whilst on the cusp of greatness, there are some incredibly promising cancelled games from throughout the years that could have made millions if they were just given a bit more attention.


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