11 Video Games That Will Define The Current Generation

Guaranteed to be talked about for years to come.

Nintendo/CD Projekt RED/Psyonix/Blizzard

Every generation of games sees its fair share of great titles, but some transcend their release windows and get talked about for years to come. Whether they changed the current landscape of gaming, were immensely anticipated or just flat-out disappointed the industry, certain games go on to represent their time periods forevermore.

The current generation of games arguably started with the Wii U's release in 2012, and has been a bit of an odd one. For the first time, Sony and Microsoft released iterative versions of their flagship consoles in the shape of the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, while Nintendo has seen two separate home consoles in the same generation.

With these new consoles comes a slew of new titles and this cycle has already been defined by some of the most popular, most critically acclaimed and most downright controversial games ever to make it to market. The following games have, in their own ways, left their mark on the industry, with some of them being considered among the best games of all time.


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