12 Characters That Should Return In The Next Mortal Kombat Game

3. Bo Rai Cho

Unveiled as the man who trained Liu Kang, Kung Lao and Shujinko in the arts of kombat , Master Bo Rai Cho made his first appearance in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. It is stated it was he that brought the fighting style of 'Drunken Fist' to Earthrealm, Bo Rai Cho fights with the illusion of being off his head fused with concise dexterity and discipline. Whilst he resides in Earthrealm, he was born native to Outworld and therefore could never enter into a Mortal Kombat tournament as it would have counted as a victory for Shao Kahn had he of won. Given not only his obese appearance and deceptive drunken stupor, Bo Rai Cho also provided other forms of comic-relief in both his special moves and finishers. Whether he be belly flopping directly into an unsuspecting opponent or spewing a puddle of special brew onto the floor to watch his adversary wobble and slide in the vomit, Bo Rai Cho definitely wasn't shy to employ such hilarity in the heat of kombat. He didn't stop there however, when it came to finishing his opponent he would ignite a fart and incinerate his victim with the methane-fuelled flames; when he wasn't downing a jug of Outworld's finest liquour and spitting it across a lit torch that is. All jokes aside however, Bo Rai Cho would prove that this humour wasn't all he had to offer. Not only has he trained some of the franchises most powerful warriors, he must clearly be a force to be reckoned with himself. You can't teach greatness unless you taught yourself it, right? For a return in the next instalment, it would be wise for him to retain his comedy value whilst also placing more concentration on him actually being a competitor instead of working on the sidelines, tutoring those who would go on to be worthy contenders and even champions. He has managed to procure for himself a cult following if you will, but he still seems ultimately like Marmite. Bo Rai Cho could finally be taken seriously when he isn't dropping farts whilst beating his opponents.

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