13 Video Games To Play On Halloween (That Aren't Horror-Themed)

13. Mario Party


Mario Party is one hell of a great time, especially if you have some friends to play with. One of the best things about the games, outside of the multiplayer capabilities, are the various themes associated with the boards you play on. Each game is a new adventure and the games offer quite a few different spooky-themed boards to help you get in the Halloween mood. Mario Party 2 was the first in the series to introduce such a board with "Horror Land." Your character dresses up as a wizard and interacts with Boo's and Mr. I (the giant, spooky eyeball) as you travel a frighteningly fun landscape searching for stars. Mario Party 3 lacked a bit in the spooky department but was able to offer us "Creepy Cavern", and Mario Party 4 picked up the slack with "Boo's Haunted Bash." Unfortunately, after this we wouldn't get another ghost-themed board until Mario Party 8 with "King Boo's Haunted Hideaway." If investing yourself in the spooky environments isn't enough, many of the mini-games featured across the Mario Party franchise fit the Halloween theme as well. "Running of the Bulb,""Ghost Guess," "Candlelight Fight," Trick or Tree," "Boonanza," "Specter Inspector," and a lot more put you smack-dab in creepy environments such as dark forests and haunted houses to play with some of Mario's spookiest foes. To get the most Halloween that the series has to offer you'll do best with Mario Party 2 on the Nintendo 64 or Mario Party 8 for Wii.

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