15 Greatest Multiplayer Video Games Of The Decade (So Far)

15. Call Of Duty: Black Ops


To choose a single Call of Duty title for a list about the best multiplayer games of the decade wasn't an easy task. With quality online games releasing every year, no two people are ever going to have the same favourites.

And yet for me it's still the original Black Ops that stands strong above the rest. Sending players back in time to the Vietnam era, Black Ops took the brutality of Treyarch's World at War and the contemporary design ethos of Modern Warfare to create a truly special period-piece shooter.

Without the bombast or the over-indulgence of later Infinity Ward titles, Black Ops kept things simple: between a handful of impactful (and memorable) killstreaks, well-balanced weapons and some of the best maps of any CoD game, developers Treyarch truly proved their worth to Call of Duty.

And looking back it's clear why: Black Ops, plain and simple, is a franchise anomaly. In a time where each of the three Call of Duty sub-series function more or less identically, back in 2010, Black Ops was nothing like any games in the franchise that came before - or, sadly - after.


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