17 Classic Video Games That Must Be Remade

17. Timesplitters Trilogy

TimeSplitters 2 Monkeys
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Original Release Dates: October 23, 2000 (TimeSplitters), October 9, 2002 (TimeSplitters 2), March 21, 2005 (TimeSplitters: Future Perfect)

Prepare to feel old: the TimeSplitters franchise launched almost two decades ago, and though the first game was basically just a solidly above-average shooter, its sequel remains unquestionably one of the best console shooters of all time.

Future Perfect meanwhile introduced online multiplayer and a litany of new game modes, and is also one of the PS2's very best FPS games. So, where the Hell is the TimeSplitters HD Collection, then?

How Likely Is It?: As ripe as these games seem for a ground-up remake, there are some typically complex rights issues to figure out, but with rights holder Crytek basically in the toilet right now, perhaps they'll get desperate enough to sell them to another developer in the near-future.

Yes, there is a fan-developed, Crytek-approved CryEngine remake, TimeSplitters Rewind, in the pipeline, but it's been in production so long that it's hard to imagine it actually seeing the light of day at this point.

Plus, an official, publisher-backed trilogy is really what people want. Honestly, it could go either way.

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