17 Classic Video Games That Must Be Remade

You know you want them.

Deus Ex Spyro The Dragon House Of The Dead
Insomniac Games, Square Enix & Sega

The enormous success of the recent Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy provides yet more proof that there's a huge market for remasters of classic games, especially when the game veers closer to being a fully-reconstituted remake, rather than a quick re-skin in order to make some fast cash.

There are honestly way too many classic games deserving of the remake treatment, but these 17 titles take particular precedent due to their iconic appeal, how dubiously they've aged aesthetically and how gaming as a medium has moved on since they've been released.

For the most part the games can be left mechanically the same, though of course, a little tightening here and there wouldn't go amiss. Best of all, though, the remakes would introduce a whole new generation of gamers to a fleet of classics that haven't necessarily aged all that well from a visual standpoint.

Some are likely, others are nothing more than a fanciful pipe dream, but each would no doubt cause nostalgic tears to be shed the world over.

Let us know in the comments which of your childhood favourites need the N. Sane Trilogy treatment.

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