17 Great Ways to Have Fun in Halo Custom Games

16. Fear

FearSlayer, 2-16 Players Recommended

This one is brutally unfair, yet addictive. All against all, a few rounds, 2 lives per player, a random primary weapon and sometimes (depending on your preference) a Magnum secondary. The joy of this game lies in the variations it offers €“ you€™ll have to play radically differently depending on which of the many weapons you get allocated, and then adapt still further depending on what your opponent has. It€™s a cruel moment when you spawn with a plasma pistol and see your rival saunter smugly across the battlefield holding a rocket launcher, but it€™s all the sweeter if you manage to sneak up on him and steal it. The 2 lives mean that you normally get at least one decent weapon during a round, and if not you€™ll just have to take out someone who€™s outgunning you and relieve them of theirs. The paranoia of not knowing what your rivals have until you face them, and knowing that you only have a couple of lives to spare, make this custom game€™s name well justified.

15. Duck Hunt


1 Flag CTF, 4-16 Players Recommended

This one will need either a bit of preparation, or a download, as you€™ll need a custom Duck Hunt map. Personally I find the creation process to be almost as much fun as playing, but if you don€™t have the time or will, energy? avoids rep of will and slightly less judgemental a quick Google search will yield countless links to custom maps you can download. Duck Hunt involves two teams: the snipers and the ducks. The snipers spawn inside a protected room with a window looking out sideways onto the course, where the ducks will spawn. You can make the course as long or short as you want, but basically you want a long line with assorted jumps, some shelter and maybe a couple of traps. The ducks will have to try to traverse this course while being shot at by the snipers. At the end there should be a flag, which you will pick up and jump hold as you jump through the floating capture point, afterwards dying and re-spawning. Ducks should be fast moving and not have any weapons to defend themselves, relying on their speed and dodging ability to make it to the objective. Teams change each round, of course, so it€™s a question of who can get more flag scores during their chance while they have the opportunity.

14. Dodgeball/MiniTroy


Team Slayer, 4-16 Players Recommended, 2 Minute Multi-Rounds

For this one you€™ll need 2 minute rounds, and a small contained map with an easily determinable halfway point (such as the river in Battle Creek). You€™re not allowed to cross that halfway point, and everyone€™s packing heavy weaponry, so the situation will quickly escalate into chaos, as you leap from rock to rock, screaming defiance while your rockets zoom towards the enemy and explosions go off around you. Again, this relies on the players respecting the rules, but it€™s easily one of the most simple and fun games on this list.

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