20 Most Frustrating Video Game Moments Ever

These titles come with a warning that you will probably end up wanting to snap the disc clean in half.

Jack Pooley


Mario Kart 8

Why do we play video games? To engross ourselves in a unique story, maybe play with some buddies, let off some steam, and for the most part relax, right?

But sometimes video game developers have their own weird agendas: sometimes it appears that they have an unexplained desire to punish us, to test the mettle of our fiber through frustrating gameplay that, were each game not so otherwise awesome, we might’ve just abandoned entirely. Yes, these 20 games are almost all classics of their respective eras, but each has brought just as much anguish and annoyance as they have joy to gamers.

Whether we’re talking about a ridiculously unfair restriction to artificially inflate the difficulty, being trolled by online players, certain types of missions we absolutely can’t stand or crass practices from video game publishers, these 20 gaming moments have had us flying into an impotent rage more than any others.

As much as we love each game, they come with a warning that eventually they are going to p*** you off, and you will probably end up wanting to snap the disc clean in half.

What gaming moments frustrate you the most? How mad have these moments gotten you? Feel free to share in the comments below!


20. 30-Minute Time Limit Per Track – Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion

RedLynx’s Trials franchise is notorious for being among the most fiendishly difficult video games on the market today: the goal involves navigating a series of increasingly challenging tracks using the game’s intricate control and physics system to lean and bunny hop your way to success.

That said, if you’re skilled enough to unlock the Extreme tracks for the latest game, Trials Fusion, you’ll likely find yourself ready to hurl your controller out the window, given how absurdly, almost laughably difficult the tracks are. But that’s not the real reason we’re angry.

RedLynx felt the need to make things even harder by imposing a 30-minute time limit on each track, as if the pressure of making the ludicrous jumps wasn’t enough already. There has been nothing this year as infuriating as making progress on a ridiculously difficult Extreme track, only for the time limit to run out before you can follow through and get to the end.

In addition to this, the developers also introduced a 500 fault limit, though considering you’d be needing to fault every 3-4 seconds for that to even be possible, it’s nowhere near as constricting as this needless time limit. Grrrrr.