20 Greatest Ever Beat Em Up Video Game Characters

16. Kitana (Mortal Kombat)

Kitana was introduced to the Mortal Kombat franchise in MKII, and has been a popular staple ever since, a vicious femme fatale who is the daughter of Queen Sindel, and best remembered for her brilliant twin fan weapons, which can be used to rip enemies to shreds, and in the event of a fatality, even decapitate them. Since her introduction, she has been held to be one of the most undervalued and dangerous characters in the series, due to her incredible speed compared to many other fighters. Outside of fighting, she is recognised as something of a sex symbol, and well known for her complicated relationship with series badass Liu Kang. Though her allegiances have changed over the years, what's great about Kitana is that she's sexy and deadly - she looks great, but she'll also slice your head off while you're sat there admiring her. Her popularity saw the introduction of evil twin sister Milenna and good buddy Jade, who are both palette swaps of the original Kitana character, who naturally remains the best of the bunch.
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