25 Most Iconic Video Game Characters Of All Time

25. Agent 47

Who'd have thought that creating an iconic character would be as simple as putting a bald guy in a suave suit (that probably cost more than your yearly salary) and slapping a barcode tattoo on the back of his cranium? I'd love to harp on about how Agent 47's iconic features are backed up by a fascinating personality, but as we all know, the assassin ain't much of a talker. But that's okay, the nameless (unless you count 640509-040147 as a name) result of a cloning operation doesn't need words to make you squirm in your tighty whities - the piercing blue gaze says it all. Indeed, aside from his good looks, Agent 47's fame comes entirely from the unique mechanics of the Hitman games themselves and the character's fictional history. He may win the title of the most iconic video game character, but he's certainly the most well-dressed.

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