5 Epic Mods That Improved Already Awesome PC Games

One of the major reason why I play PC games is “modding”. In fact, aside from better graphics and load…

Darragh O'Connor



One of the major reason why I play PC games is “modding”. In fact, aside from better graphics and load time, it is probably the single most pertinent reason why a lot of people have sided with their PCs over a console.

Modding, or mods, are alterations to an original game, these allow one to create and enjoy a vastly improved game by a series of tweaks to the code or by downloading a simple patch.These are created creative people, and as such, the sky’s the limit due to the freedom that these unofficial mods allow. Some of these mods are so extensive, that they can transform almost everything about the source title, even down to NPC’s.

It has been said that your entire experience can be improved by the work of a few dedicated fans, and this article is designed as a celebration of those fan-modders. I will include links to the mods that I discuss, as much as I can, however a simple search should yield them rather quickly.

This list is but a few of my favourite mods, including mods that create a significantly new experience, like “total conversion” mods and “repairs” to the game. While I will also include some tweaking mods that improve a games graphics like this incredible transformation of GTA’s Liberty City…

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This mod is an example of a tweaked game: the Viva New York patch alters Liberty City’s subways, taxis and even Times Square to look like the real deal and it is awesome. This patch has accurate billboards and scrolling neon ads, and all the stuff that you’d expect are there: glowing signs for Coke, Pepsi, the NASDAQ building and The Lion King/Phantom of the Opera adverts.

(Note: This mod requires some fiddling with Spark IV, but there are good instructions included in an accompanying PDF in the Viva New York download zip. )

Okay, so let’s look at 5 of my favourite mods ever…