HM’s, ひでんマシン, secret machines, whatever you might call them, love them or hate them, they are a part of the Pokemon world and show no sign of going away. They are a bane to some player’s existence since for most puzzles in the game you must have them, and some players have come to embrace them as a useful tool both in and out of battle. So what HM’s are the best for battling with, which ones will be the most useful when taking on Youngster Joey and his special Ratatat that is the tier of all Ratatat’s? If this question keeps you awake and night with a burning yearning for an answer then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are my Top 5 Greatest Battle HM’s in Pokehistory.


5. Surf

Surf, one of the most important HMs in the game since Gen I, it is a move that YOU HAVE to teach to one of your Pokemon, which means you will probably have that Pokemon at a decent level and on hands at all times with this being a travel HM that in most games will get you into the various caves and dungeons (trust me you don’t wanna get to the beach and then realize you have run ALL the way back to a PokeCenter to get out your level 5 Marill just to get over to the next island).

This move pays off though since it is pretty useful in battle, with a base attack of 95 and accuracy of 100% it is one of the most powerful water-type moves you teach a Pokemon; the most powerful move Hydro Cannon is only available to fully evolved starters, after that the only moves above Surf are Hydro Pump, and Water Spout (even Water Spout is only available to few select Pokemon so Surf is the strongest water-type move available to all Pokemon that can learn water-type moves).

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This article was first posted on February 9, 2013