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With the recent release of the incredible looking Tomb Raider reboot I have realised something. Classic video games still have the same potential they did back in the day. Only now we have new technological power. Let’s pretend Duke Nukem Forever didn’t happen for a moment. Could it be possible that gaming reboots are…well, a good thing?

Today’s gaming industry seems to be dominated by two essential styles: free roam (the creative one) and the first person shooter (the one that starts arguments). Everybody seems to have forgotten the simplicity of yesteryear. And by yesteryear I mean ages ago.

I still cling to the belief that the platformer is the king of old school gaming. It is gaming at its most simply entertaining. I adore the intelligent stories and creative concepts that go into our video games these days. But why is it that the industry is convinced we aren’t willing to shell out for a good old platformer anymore? Sometimes I feel like jumping over holes and collecting fruit, as opposed to waging war in the Middle East. With the developers we have today…we could re-invent the genre. Imagine some of your classic platformers retouched in all their glory in free roam environments with high quality visuals? Isn’t Mario currently successfully pulling that off? Better yet, what if these games were re-imagined with creative and intelligent plots?

Sure, all of these games look like they are for children when compared to the best-sellers of today. But I’d still shell out cash to play their reboots. So these are the top five PlayStation One games that I wish I could see rebooted to save the platformer. If it can work for Tomb Raider, it might just work for these.

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This article was first posted on April 21, 2013