The Resident Evil series has continued to divide fans and critics alike since the original’s release nearly twenty years ago. Though it wore its own influences on its sleeve, what’s more notable is the effect the series has continued to have. The cinematic aspirations of the first game were roundly mocked at time of release – sometimes the obvious vision was hampered by technical limitations, or voice-acting limitations.

As platforms have become more and more powerful, these barriers have broken down somewhat (the voice acting isn’t quite as bad, anyway), and Resident Evil’s cinematic charm has been lost in the crowd. Gameplay quirks that originally limited your character have been ironed out – I’d say for the worse. Part of Resi’s charm was that these quirks helped you sympathise with what your character was up against. In a cheap and somewhat accidental way, granted, but it made the jumps and scares that much more perceptible. So what now?

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This article was first posted on August 23, 2013