The James Bond film franchise is only getting stronger, and the suave spy is ripe for a fantastic video game outing. Unfortunately, Goldenye Reloaded, Blood Stone and Quantum of Solace were all decent games that still underperformed, sales wise. The series has so much potential for a revolutionary game, but recent outings don’t exploit the pros of Bond, namely, Craig’s Bond, enough to push the games over the edge of “average.”

Here’s 5 ways that Bond could create a fantastic game.


1. An Open World Bond

An RPG-style game set in an open world, or even multiple cities, could make the gameplay more interesting than the linear run and gun gameplay of most Bond games. Open world games tend to do very well and be extremely popular, so why would a James Bond game be any different? In fact, free roam games based on licenses have worked very well in the past. Games like Spider-Man 2 and Batman: Arkham City sold very well and received high review scores, so the same formula would a be a winner for James. Hand to hand combat skills would also be a nice feature, allowing players to learn new skills to go from mashers to masters over the course of the game.

A game set in big cities would really work.

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This article was first posted on August 6, 2012