7 Beloved Video Game Franchises That Are Stuck In A Rut

Sometimes spinning your wheels just creates one hell of a mess.

As a gamer, one of the worst things is paying upwards of £60 for a title that you've wanted for months - only to find it just outright sucks. It's hard earned money being spent on something that just wasn't worth the time or effort, made even worse when what's in front of you is a series you thought you could rely on - one that used to do amazing things, but has ended up trotting out the same old stuff for a quick buck. It might be a game that removed cool modes or features you pumped hours into *cough* WWE 2K15 *cough* or one that was so plagued with bugs and technical hiccups it completely ruined your enjoyment. Some people are still enjoying these games of course - and all the power to them for doing so - but these are franchises that led the way, yet are now seemingly stuck in a rut, where fans and critics have both put the boot in, demanding they be returned to their former glory. They need to bounce back and prove why they were so good in the first place, rather than being doomed to just gather dust before being traded in within a couple of weeks.


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