7 Reasons The PlayStation 3 Is Better Than Ever

A huge library, better PS Plus games, cheaper exclusives and much more.


With over 80 million consoles sold at last count - the last official figures were released by Sony in late 2013 - the mighty PlayStation 3 has since been well and truly succeeded by the PlayStation 4.

That's not to mention its Slim and Pro variations of PS4 released in the second half of 2016, which have since dominated the PlayStation story in the last five months. Plus, with the arrival PSVR, hardcore gamers of all types have hardware to keep their gaming appetites sated. That said, as sales of the PlayStation 4 now teeter around 55 million, it seems as though the PS3 is dead and buried, despite there being 80 million of them around the world.

But still, there are plenty of reasons (and almost 1,500 games) to pick up your DualShock 3 again, and get back into it. Prices are now as low as £100 for a second hand system and games can be had for literally a few pounds. You could even pick up the original fat system that has PlayStation 2 compatibility, and open yourself up to over 6,000 games from PlayStations 1, 2 and 3, all without paying a monthly penny for the likes of PlayStation Now.

So, whether you're a completionist looking to pick up the last ever releases for the system or still have that PlayStation Plus subscription active, the PlayStation 3 still has a ton of content to offer any gamer.


Bryan Langley’s first self-bought console was the sublime Super Nintendo and he hasn’t ever stopped using his opposable thumbs since. He is based in Bristol, UK and writes to reminisce about the glory days (which sadly never existed).