8 'Shocking' Video Game Plot Twists You Guessed At The Beginning

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If there's one thing that games can occasionally do far better than movies, it's the old rug-pull plot twist. Being it's you who's being stabbed in the back, betrayed and/or left for dead, all those sudden realisations can compound into some mighty fine closing moments.

Though it's not always this way, and whenever a game is skewing for the widest demographic possible that often means a dumbing down of whatever landmark final twist was in the works. After all, we can't have all the characters taking sharp breaths and gasping in disbelief, only for the player to be the only one not in the know.

As such, many of the following examples had their seeds planted so early, the majority of us picked up on them immediately - some within the opening cutscene, no less.

Whether it be typecasting actors or setting up 'friendly' characters that look just that bit too shifty, often in video games if something feels off, it's because there's a boss battle, quick-time event or 'revelatory' twist right around the corner.

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