8 Awesome Examples Of Outrageous Overkill In Gaming

7. Quan Chi's Fatality €“ Mortal Kombat 9

Quan Chi Ok, now this may be a cheat. After all, all Mortal Kombat fatalities are built around the concept of overkill, and the later brutalities take this even further by letting you actually explode people. Yet there was something so damned ridiculous about Quan Chi€™s fatality in Mortal Kombat 9 that you just had to stand up and applaud it for sheer bloody effort, if nothing else. For those of you who aren€™t up-to-speed with your Mortal Kombat mythology €“ and that€™s probably a lot of you, seeing as it€™s completely mental €“ Quan Chi is a powerful sorcerer and necromancer from the Netherrealm who appears to have a really bad skin condition and wants to take over the Earth. His job description alone tells you he can think of endless ways to reduce you to nothingness and for the majority of the games, his fatalities don€™t disappoint. Yet Mortal Kombat 9€™s rendition just abandoned all pretence, and it€™s for that, if no other reason, that it belongs on this list. He literally just tears off your leg and starts beating you to death with the soggy end. It€™s amazing when you€™re hit with it for the first time because it€™s just so bonkers, an instance of Mortal Kombat just yelling €˜screw it€™ and letting you simply go bananas. It€™s just completely insane, and the fact he doesn€™t actually stop hitting you with it €“ the screen has to fade to black €“ really rams home how over the top this really is. It€™s one of the more mundane fatalities, but it€™s in it's ridiculously OTT repetition that its perverse beauty lies. It's not unlike that Hamburgler scene in the Simpsons €“ you just want to yell at him to stop, because he's already dead.

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