8 Reasons Spider-Man PS4 Is Already The Best Spider-Man Game Ever

A New York that actually feels real? We must be in Spidey-Heaven.

Spider-Man PS4 Crane

Insomniac's well-documented and long-coveted Spider-Man exclusive might not release until September, but already it's proven that it's set to become a modern classic of the genre.

Not since Batman: Arkham has a studio so diligently attempted to adapt a comic book property from the ground up, or been so brave as to attempt to impart their own lasting mark on the character. In that respect, Marvel Games' newfound approach to licensing titles by "matching [their] greatest Super Heroes with the world’s top developers" certainly seems to be paying off, with Spidey releasing later this year and the Avengers Project - a collaboration between the House of Ideas and Square Enix - set to follow shortly after.

It's a good time to be a True Believer, and though E3 will likely show off more of Insomniac's Spidey title, it's fair to say that fans could happily survive the next few months with what they've seen so far. It looks that good, and with the most recent Spider-Man game before that being Beenox's much-maligned adaptation of the second Amazing Spider-Man film, the glow-up is plain for all to see.

With a genuine open world, a brand new story and a raft of new features, when it comes to Marvel's Spider-Man, finding something wrong is near-impossible.

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