The Avengers Project Video Games: Everything You Need To Know

Is this the birth of a Marvel Gaming Universe?

the avengers project

Square Enix sent the Twittersphere ablaze on the 26th of January, revealing that the publisher had partnered up with comic book big-whigs Marvel to develop a series of licensed video games based on the company's iconic universe.

Dubbed 'The Avengers Project', the move will see Squenix developers Crystal Dynamics (of Tomb Raider fame) and Eidos-Montreal (the team behind Deus Ex) collaborate together in order to create a series of games centred around Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

It looks as though Marvel are finally mounting a concerted effort to bring their properties to the gaming medium. But, before we allow the crushing realisation of a year-long information blackout to dog our speculative spirits (we’ll be getting nothing more until 2018, sadly), there's plenty to discern from the trailer and the subsequent press release that accompanied it.

Indeed, as the two studios gear up to deliver an altogether different kind of Marvel Universe for players to unravel, one that will take on a life of its own after The Avengers debut hopefully next year, it’s clear that this burgeoning universe has a lot at stake.

Could this be the start of a Marvel Gaming Universe? Because that would be neat-o, and befitting of the company’s ambition in their cinematic ventures.

Regardless, there was a lot to digest with this announcement, more-so than you may have thought. Let’s try and unpack it.

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