8 Reasons Why I Left My Heart With Rock Band

Why Rock Band will always hold a small place in my heart.

Michael Shelton


I never once thought I was an actual rock star with my plastic guitar draped around my neck, or my obviously fake drum kit resting before my feet. I wasn’t held up on the delusion that I was even remotely talented at playing instruments because I’ve played a real guitar and I’m actually semi-decent. The thing is, I knew I was never going to be an actual rock star no matter how much I practiced. No amount of garage sessions with different bands would factor me into an equation that resulted in a guitarist that we all know and love.

Needless to say, once Rock Band was released I rocked out. Go ahead, say I’m a loser, which seems to be the consensus now from a wide variety of people that I played the game with at the time. It really doesn’t matter to me. I was in on a secret that none of those “real musicians” were in on…it was a f****** game.

One more time…Rock Band is a video game, and an incredibly fun one when you have a group of friends together. My time with Rock Band will be missed, seeing that it is pretty much dead n’ gone, so think of this in ways as a post mortem.


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