8 Terrible Video Games Made By Amazing Developers

Yup, Naughty Dog once made... this.

Way Of The Warrior
Naughty Dog

With hundreds of people coming together to work on a project for years at a time, there's so much that can go wrong while making a game. There have been plenty of horror stories told about developers not even knowing what form a game is going to take until the final few months of production, with the leads behind masterpieces like The Last of Us not knowing whether or not they were going to succeed or fail right up until the last moment.

Consequently, it's sort of a miracle when a developer manages to become known for releasing consistently brilliant games. Even the best of the best have to stumble at some point though, and just about every major developer out there has released a couple garbage fires in their time.

Whether they were projects that were in production before a studio had really found their groove or blips in an otherwise spotless career, these are the misfires the best developers never want to repeat, acting as unwanted blemishes on otherwise-stellar track records they'd like most players to forget about.

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