8 Terrible Video Games Made By Amazing Developers

8. Haze - Free Radical


Haze was supposed to be Free Radical's big break. Although they'd enjoyed some cult success with the TimeSplitters series, Haze was an attempt by both the developers and Ubisoft to create the next big first-person shooter.

Touted as a "Halo killer" (like everything was back in the mid-to-late 2000s), this ambitious sci-fi title was unfortunately a victim of its own hype, hampered by publisher interference which sank a project that had an admittedly solid premise.

Originally attempting to spin a narrative similar to Spec-Ops: The Line, about the horrors of war and the tragedy of soldiers just "following orders", the title's most interesting ideas were dropped in favour of striving towards the mass-appeal goal of toppling Halo.

Free Radical weren't Bungie though, and their biggest strengths were in completely different departments than their competition. Unfortunately, that mismanagement led to one of the most disappointing games of the last generation, and contributed to the eventual closure of a once-great studio.

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