8 Things We Want To See From Lego Marvel Super Heroes

In recent years, a trend has emerged that if a range of Lego sets based on a film or TV…

James T. Cornish


Lego Marvel Superheroes Logo

In recent years, a trend has emerged that if a range of Lego sets based on a film or TV franchise is released, it’s usually a fair assumption that a game loosely based on that range won’t be far behind (Though I can’t see it happening for The Lone Ranger). And the latest franchise to get a Lego game adaptation is the Marvel Universe with Lego Marvel Super Heroes set for release this October.

Currently it’s shaping up to be pretty good with the promise of over 100 playable characters and some excellent looking gameplay footage being released. But while the game’s developers Travellers Tales are still putting the final touches to the game, here are some suggestions we think would make the game just that little bit better…


8. Reasonably Priced Characters And Unlockables

Lego Batman Bruce Wayne

Even though this has been toned down a bit in recent years, some characters, vehicles, and bonuses in Lego games are very pricey. I still remember the experience of playing Lego Harry Potter Years 5 – 7 and discovering that unlocking Voldemort as a playable character would cost an eye-watering 25,000,000 Studs.

Although a character or bonus with a high cost gives the player something to aim for, sometimes the cost is just too much depending on what the reward is. Especially, say, if you shell out 100,000 Studs to unlock Bruce Wayne in Lego Batman only to discover that he can’t really do anything other than hit people with his briefcase. Whereas, in Lego Star Wars III, Count Dooku has a unique fighting style and is one of only around half a dozen characters in the game that can use the Dark Side of the Force. Which makes him worth his 275,000 Stud price tag.

If characters and bonus features are going to be expensive, their cost needs to be proportional to their worth. Bog-standard characters that can do very little should always cost less than 50,000 Studs while the ones with more specialised abilities should be more expensive but not sky high. And speaking of characters that can’t do very much…