8 TV Shows That Would Make Awesome Video Games

Because why watch something when you can play it?


When most people think about adaptations of any kind, it's usually with a shudder because most attempts at recreating characters and plots are awful. Just awful.

Whether it's from book to the screen, TV show to video game or the other way round, the end result is usually completely dissatisfying because it was either made by people who aren't familiar enough with the source material or it was rushed to release as a quick cash-in.

But more recent attempts to convert other mediums into video games have been increasingly successful. The gaming industry continues to grow and grow, worth an estimated $91.5 billion in 2015 which was more than twice as much as the film industry.

Not only that but TV shows are attracting bigger budgets with better writers and actors, making them prime source material with existing fan bases just waiting to be adapted.

Here's eight shows that we think would work perfectly...

8. Archer


Perhaps an obvious choice, America's answer to James Bond would make a brilliant central character for a gaming franchise.

An egotistical, alcoholic secret agent whose self-interest almost always takes priority over his mission objectives, Sterling Archer has the espionage skills to go toe to toe with Bond and the sexual appetite to match.

There's literally tonnes of action sequences to inspire various play styles, a whole catalogue of pseudo 60s gadgets to use and the hilarious writing to accompany it, so it would be easy to make this one of the most entertaining games of the decade.

We can only begin to imagine the fun creators could have with features like Archer's alcoholism or the rich cast of characters available for potentially different play styles.

It could perhaps benefit from the kind of platform Splinter Cell Blacklist used, with all missions launched from their SMI - a giant map of the world except instead of the SMI it would be Archer's HQ.

As well as Archer's friends and allies, the animated comedy also has a rich cast of villains, like rival agent turned cyborg Barry, that would make engaging and challenging bosses for any video game.

Let's face it, it would be hard to mess this one up!

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