8 Ways You're Wrong About Old Video Games Being Better

Terrible checkpointing, no bug fixes and, oh yeah... all the sexism.

Nostalgia is a funny thing, isn’t it?

As we leave the innocence of youth and into the horrifying, dream-shattering period known as being an adult, we look back to simpler times and sigh, fondly reminiscing on TV shows, experiences and video games we used to love. Unbeknownst to many, "nostalgia" as a state is more a chemical reaction in your brain manufacturing old memories so they feel all nice and warm - far from the cold, harsh reality of what you went through.

The difference between San Andreas' "Just follow the damn train, CJ!" as a laugh shared amongst friends, and actually playing it, for example.

We’ll talk peoples ears off and scream loudly into the night our passion for games long gone, but ask yourself: Have you gone back and played them again? Because sometimes, they are the worst, and dreams fall to pieces around you and you’re left naked and tubby and bald.

That’s no good.

Regardless of just how much Father Time decided to don his steel capped boots and punt your backside into reality, it must be said that gaming has come along farther than you might think...

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