9 Major Problems With Fallout Nobody Wants To Admit

Admit it, The Brotherhood of Steel are the lamest heroes ever.


Far from a guaranteed success, Bethesda's revival of such an old niche IP back in 2008 wasn't a surefire way for the developers to shift millions of copies and make mega-bucks. Rather than relying on the name value alone however, the studio put in the effort to create some amazing RPG experiences that captured the imagination of players worldwide, transforming this failing property into a global success story, virtually overnight.

Though considering just how thoroughly the franchise took the world by storm, it could be easy to think that the games released so far have done no wrong.

With Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4 all being critical darlings, the franchise seems to be on pretty solid ground. But with public opinion slowly souring after the release of the latest sequel, Bethesda could be in trouble going forward.

Truly, while the games themselves have all received pretty positive reviews, there are some glaring problems with the series that nobody wants to admit. Bubbling under the surface and detracting from the experience for years now, if the developers don't address these flaws then the future of the series might end up being as bleak as the post-apocalyptic wastelands it calls home.


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