Batman: Arkham Insurgency - 10 Things It Must Learn From Knight

If the rumours are true, what else needs to happen?

Batman Arkham
Rocksteady/Warner Bros.

Now the dust has finally settled Arkham Knight, it's easily the most controversial entry in the franchise overall - perhaps an even bigger conversation-starter than Origins. On the one hand, yes, Rocksteady gave us 'more Batman' - knocking the visuals out the park in the process - but thanks to a misleading advert campaign, some off-kilter Batmobile tank segments and a major plot twist you could guess from the opening scenes, there was a lot to mark Arkham Knight down as the worst of the bunch.

Now in 2017, plans have leaked in regards to a variety of game details for what appears to be titled, Arkham Insurgency. We're apparently going to see a grand unveiling at E3 in June, as like with Arkham Origins, Warner Bros. Montreal are once again going to be developing. If the leak is true, we're getting a prequel Batman & Robin story that uses Arkham Knight's immaculate game engine, revamps the basic combat model and even hints at the possibility of a side-story focused on how Hugo Strange discovered Bruce's true identity - something that was never truly answered in Arkham City.

All that said, Arkham Knight was far from perfect, and if WB are going to press ahead regardless (we always knew they would) the following bugbears and suggestions would go a long way to making Insurgency truly worthwhile.

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