Batman: Arkham Insurgency - 11 Things It Must Learn From Asylum

Will anything ever top that 2009 original?

Batman Arkham Insurgency
Warner Bros.

Has it been long enough for Warner Bros. to come back with another Arkham game?

They certainly seem to think so, as a giant Reddit leak from a disgruntled employee revealed the working title for the next instalment as 'Arkham Insurgency'; apparently being another prequel tale focused on a Blackgate and Arkham breakout, where Joker is once again pulling the strings. It's reportedly open-world, though combat will feature a ton of interactions between Batman and Robin, the story showing how the pair became such a formidable fighting force.

Looking over the past four games, you'd be hard-pressed to say Rocksteady or Warner Bros. Montreal have ever created a sequel that topped the former's immaculate first instalment. Arkham Asylum blew the doors clean off the idea that superhero games could never be truly great, rolling together a legendary voice cast, innovative combat mechanics and some of the best graphics seen on the last generation of hardware.

Going forward, Rocksteady would pivot into an open-world structure, even adding the much-maligned Batmobile in Arkham Knight, though the question remains: Can any Arkham game post-Asylum - and post-Rocksteady - ever achieve the monumental heights of the original?

I say it can, if the developers know what to do...

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