Battlefield V: 10 Radical Gameplay Changes You Totally Missed

Tides of War is exactly how "games as a service" should be done.

Battlefield V

After months and months of rumours - and an endless debate over whether it would be Bad Company 3 or set in World War 2 - the next major instalment in the Battlefield franchise has finally been announced. Following Call of Duty in returning to gaming's most popular conflict, the WW2 game is already divisive - with fans criticising the colour scheme, the reveal trailer, and its prominent focus on female soldiers.

With so much of the focus being on the fallout from the first look at the game though, the actual bulk of information - including some huge changes to the Battlefield formula - have been completely buried. While other franchises are chasing Fortnite and PUBG and opting for battle royale-style modes, DICE are thankfully doing the opposite with their upcoming game, doubling down on the intense team play that fans know and love.

Still, just because Battlefield V is playing to its strengths doesn't mean that it isn't making some daring decisions before it releases this October...


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