Battlefield V 2018: 10 Things It Must Do Better Than 1

Having more than five guns would be a start.

battlefield 1
EA Dice

Although nothing has been officially confirmed yet, EA have already started teasing this year's Battlefield. Announcing to investors that a new entry in the series will be coming this October, the publisher recently teased that the title would also be playable at their upcoming EA Play event.

This, combined with a few leaks here and there, have started to paint a solid picture of what this year's entry will look like: namely, it'll be set in World War 2, be called Battlefield V, and will be developed by the same team as the previous game, DICE Sweden.

However, while the studio's last release, the super-successful Battlefield 1, reinvigorated the franchise, it made a few mistakes and changed a couple of core elements that V desperately needs to address before it hits shelves.

The franchise is bigger than ever at the moment, but by taking more cues than many players were comfortable with from the troubled Battlefront series, a course correct is necessary to ensure EA retains the die-hard fanbase that made DICE's shooter such a success in the first place.


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